Weaving Webs

Bear with me, friends, as I make my first foray into the blogosphere.  I shall make occasional contributions to this blog on topics of relevance to the All Saints’ community. 

Board Chair Jack Klecan and I made several “State of the School” presentations to parents, faculty, staff, and trustees.  It’s hard to summarize the entire presentation in this post, but I did want to share here my underlying philosophy in serving as Head of School.  My presentation centered on my belief that my job is to weave webs rather than build silos.  This implies promotion of collaboration and enhancement of relationships among various school constituencies.  So my leadership focuses on encouraging teamwork, maintaining a big picture perspective, direct and transparent communication, and embracing an organic (vs. static) school model.  From that philosophical base, I cited a number of recent “web-weaving” initiatives and also some areas that require enhanced attention in implementing that philosophy. 

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