Broadening Our Horizons

Monday evening I received the following email message from an American Episcopal priest friend who is a key liaison for us as we develop our partnership with St. Paul’s School and Church in Haiti:

I am in Mirebalais, Haiti as the announcement of Sweet Mickey Martelly’s victory in the presidential election is announced over the radio…. and a great shout of praise and cheering went up throughout the town.  People are running around, leaping, laughing, yahooing. “The people’s choice is done” is what I think I hear.  We’ll see how the night goes. Not all people agree, but most do, apparently. 

We hope for the best for Haiti.  Always. 

campaign poster for Sweet Mickey Martelly, taken on my recent trip to Haiti

When Jan and I were in Haiti in February, evidence of the election was everywhere.  Haiti has not been historically well served by its leaders over the years, neither foreign colonial rulers nor native political and military ones.

So my friend’s expression of hope at the end of his message is clearly a heartfelt and ambitious one.  Hope is frequently about long odds after all. 

I share his hope.  I also embrace with great conviction the partnership that we have recently established with St. Paul’s in Gascogne, a somewhat remote, resource-limited, spiritually rich community.  This partnership promises to bring great benefits to St. Paul’s and to All Saints’.  

I have had a chance to share impressions from our recent trip to Haiti with parishioners and middle school faculty and students.  I’ll do the same with students and teachers in grades three and four soon.  And I hope that some parents will have time to attend the presentation on Haiti at the ASPA meeting immediately after the Tiger breakfast on April 13. 

I’ll have more Haiti reflections in my next blog.

Until next time…

My best,