The Power of Memory

Gifts for the Class of 2011, decorated with care by Kindergarten students

          Last week we celebrated two great annual All Saints’ chapel traditions: the Head of School recognition chapel and the Memory Chapel created and presented each year by the graduating class. The memories shared by our eighth grade students at their Memory Chapel included some “insider” stuff about which most of the adults in the church were clueless. These were all shared with a light heart and good will. Some of the reminiscences were about their teachers, delivered with affection for their quirks, their methods, and their genuine care for their students. Some of the memories hearkened back to their lower school years, which for 14-year olds is half a lifetime ago. I was most touched by the extended reminiscences from several members of the Class of 2011 that demonstrated that the lessons we hope they learn were imprinted in their memory: the importance of persistence, the power of compassion, the strength of friendships, the joy of learning, the commitment to continuing growth, the value of service, the blessings of both success and failure, and the awareness of the bigger world and depth of reality to which All Saints’ provided developmentally-appropriate glimpses. All in all, a most consoling experience…

            At the Head of School recognition chapel, I had the honor of recognizing faculty and staff members who had reached a milestone of service to All Saints’ Episcopal Day School. The aggregate total recognized was 170 years. Imagine the hundreds of wonderful memories that these dedicated folks have created for our students, present and past, in those years. As I know from my own life experience, these happy memories have incredible staying power.

          Memory is a powerful force in life and in school. At All Saints’ we aspire to create memories in our students that will last a lifetime- a lifetime of growth, gratitude, and generosity.

Until next time…

My best,