Acting on Principle

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the leading national advocacy organization on behalf of independent education.  There are multiple benefits to our membership, not least of which are the wonderful NAIS resources (conferences, publications, networking, consulting) to which we have access.

Among these resources are the Principles of Good Practice developed by NAIS over a number of years.  These principles cover a broad range of topics relevant to independent school practice.  Beginning last school year, the administrative team began reviewing each set of principles within the context of All Saints’ Episcopal Day School.  This review process has in almost every instance been an experience of affirmation and encouragement.  The principles also set the “best practice” bar high so there is also motivation toward continuous improvement as we review each set of principles.

Recently we reviewed a set of Principles of Good Practice entitled Parents Working with Schools/Schools Working with Parents.  These principles seem particularly apt for sharing with parents and teachers.  There is a parallel structure to these principles, cogently illustrating that parents and schools share the same principles, behaviors, and attitudes in the most highly successful schools.  In our particular context these principles are wonderful complements to the values articulated in The All Saints’ Way.  I share a link to these principles so that readers can ponder them on their own:

Parents Working with Schools/Schools Working with Parents  

If you have time to read these principles, I hope you are consoled that we are all in this together in educating and serving the young people in our school.

Until next time…

My best,